1984 was a great year. President Regan was set to get reelected and I was operating my first gun store business venture in Barre, Vermont. B&E Shooting Supplies was just getting on its feet when I decided to return to my hometown and reopen as Bullseye Shooting Supplies, which serviced customers in the states of Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), and Connecticut (CT). It was a tough choice leaving Vermont. The state had been good to me. I had been serving as a reserve police officer for two local departments, Northfield and Barre Town, and as a deputy sheriff for Washington County Sheriff’s Department, but the thought of returning to my hometown was a calling I couldn’t ignore.

Taking a lifelong hobby, and turning it into a business is a daunting venture, but it’s been worth it every step of the way. I always wanted to build the gun store that shooters would love to visit. I wanted it to be the go-to place for questions on reloading, or a place to be there for someone who needed the perfect holster for that perfect carry gun. 1984 was way before the internet, so Bullseye Shooting Supplies became that place for those questions, and to this day nothing feels better than helping a novice reloader set up his new press, or a novice hunter get his scope sighted in for the upcoming deer season.

I’ve been in the gun store business for a long time, through good and bad times, and it’s interesting to look back at how things have progressed. Some of us remember a time when rifles were made of wood and iron, and some of the younger guys haven’t ever shot a gun that wasn’t made from polymer.

Since taking up the shooting sports, reloading has been a passion of mine. I’ve turned that passion into a successful gun store business. I’ve taken that business into many directions. From supplying the state police with range supplies, to hosting the handgun range at the annual Settler's Day at Manville Sportsman Club where I’ve been a member since 1988.

Bullseye Shooting Supplies has been a success because of its employees' devotion to the shooting sports. We employ 10 people at Bullseye. Some in sales, some in reloading, but all a close family.

Thank you for visiting our site.Thank you for ordering from us. When accuracy counts, trust Bullseye Shooting Supplies.