Weaver Deluxe Tool Kit


Weaver Deluxe Tool Kit

The Gunsmith Tool Deluxe Kit from Weaver is an affordable 88-piece gunsmith kit designed to address almost any firearm maintenance task. This kit includes an ergonomically designed magnetic-tipped hex bit driver for user-friendly operation, lengthening attachments for accessing difficult to reach places, and a latched hard shell case for easy storage and adjustments on the go. For precision adjustments, this kit also features a hammer with brass and plastic faces, and the included steel punch set is equipped with multiple sizes to fit a variety of pins. Whether mounting an accessory, punching out pins to replace a trigger, or separating a stock from a receiver, this kit has all the tools necessary to get the job done right.


·  54 Flat Bits

·  3 Phillips Bits

·  4 Torx Bits

·  8 Hex Bits

·  3 Specialty Bits

·  1 Hex Drill Bit Adapter

·  1 Hex Bit Square Adapter

·  2 Extended Length Bits

·  1 Magnetic Bit Driver

·  9 Punches

·  1 Double Faced Hammer (brass and nylon)

·  1 Bench Block